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Boere Edge Sander KS - 200 F

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Edge Sander

Boere KS - 200 F

Important features:

• Sanding unit tiltable from 00 up to 450 by means of hand wheel and degree graduation

• Adjustable angle stop

• Manually adjustable table height and depth for full use of the sanding belt

• End sanding device with tiltable end table for sanding curved workpieces

• Folding sanding device with fine adjustment for sanding veneered edges

• Sanding pad can be used at 3 sides

Price List
This machine is available at no cost as part of a wood workspace booking. You will need to complete a safety assessment on this machine.



Technical Spec 
Sanding belt length : 2600 mm/3000 mm
Sanding belt width : 150 mm/200 mm
Table dimensions : 930 x 350 mm/1000 x 350 mm
Sanding belt motor : 3 HP (2,2 kW)/4 HP (3,0 kW)
Oscillation motor : 0,25 HP (0,18 kW)
Pulleys : ø 120 mm
Diameter exhaust hood : ø 140 mm
Weight : approx. 270 kg/300 kg
Dimensions : approx. 170 x 80 cm/190 x 90 cm