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A flexible textile studio for designers

Renting a professionally equipped textile studio by the day, week or month allows designers to affordably deliver their pieces and collections in line with the seasonality of the industry.

More and more designers are seeing the benefits of having a flexibly accessible textile studio in London rather than fork out for the costs of renting and maintaining their own permanent space.

“Twice a year there are fashion seasons to make for. And in between those I come into BloQs to make the pieces that I want to make.” says Angelika Chilikova of Clon8 who, owing to a lack of decent, affordable studio facilities in London at one point resorted to making her pieces back in Greece.

“A friend saw the Building BloQs stand at Student Fashion Week and convinced me to come to see it. I told her she was a genius – BloQs was exactly what I needed.” she adds.

Building BloQs is London’s largest open workshop with professional space and equipment to work in wood, metal, textiles, paint and CNC.

Pay-as-you-go membership to the Building BloQs Textile Studio provides you with a pattern cutting table, mannequin and straight stitch industrial sewing machine, and access to a full range of professional machines:

- Coverstitch Machine

- 4 Thread Overlocker

- Walking Foot Machine

- Industrial Buttonholer

- Rolled Hem Machine

- Industrial Steam Irons