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First Thursdays Arrive at BloQs Cafe

We are excited to announce the arrival of First Thursdays at the BloQs Cafe.

Each month we will be exhibiting local emerging artists and hosting a Private View of their work in the BloQs Cafe. We'd love to see you on the 3rd of May from 6PM for a launch event to welcome artist Mathilda Oosthuizen.

About Mathilda Oosthuizen, First Thursday

Bones and breakable, lines are walkable. To fix a bone takes time but breaking can happen in an instance. There is always the chance that whatever is broken cannot be fixed but we try anyway. Hope allows us to deal with impossible situations. But what happens when it is gone?

The driftwood sculptures in this exhibition contain elements of death as well as hope. They allow room for a naive desire to believe in hope’s possibility no matter what.

When passing by Line Drawn, the almost negligible tonal disparities are easily dismissed, yet their length ponders the duration that the driftwood has travelled. The tonal markers do not distinguish from one piece to the next but seem to fuse them indiscriminately.

A line can act as a barrier, separating and distinguishing one form from the other. Our skin and bone hold us together securing our insides from the outside world. In this exhibition they are brought out on display through the guise of anatomical illustrations once used to navigate our internal unknown territories.