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Important safety update

In light of the new guidance and legislation released by the government earlier this week, BloQs will now be implementing some additional measures to ensure that we are caring for our community and abiding by regulations. BloQs Members have been sent an email which explains the measures in detail. If you are a Member and have not received this message, please get in touch.

We now have a QR code at our front door. Everyone entering the building must now please tap in using the new NHS COVID-19 app that has been launched this week. You can download it here from the app store or if you're on Android, find it here on Google Play.

We will be implementing a number of new safety measures in the Café with immediate effect, until further notice. These include: 

  • Masks will be required at all times when entering, or passing through, the Café, or accessing the loos and the studio.
  • The Café will soon be using a one-way queuing system to help keep everyone socially distanced and safe.
  • Members of the general public may only use the Café as a takeaway service until further notice.
  • Only BloQs staff, and those Members booked in on the day, or those who hold long term storage or workspace subscriptions, may use the seating area to work or eat. Members without a booking or subscription on any given day may only use the Café as a takeaway service until further notice.
  • Those sitting and eating in the Café are permitted to remove masks but must replace them directly on completing their meal.

We'll also be increasing our cleaning and sanitising regime around the workshops and communal areas. Members can expect to find more hand sanitisation points and cleaning supplies throughout the workshop, so when you are on site, please do your part! Shared workspace = shared responsibility.

These policy changes represent our current response but will be adjusted as needed to align with any changes to government guidance going forward.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact the team on, phone us on 020 8803 3987 or pop by Reception (with your mask on, please) and have a word with the team.