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New partnership means new machines

We’re truly excited to announce a new partnership with Weinig UK & HOLZ-HER UK. Whilst our aim is to bring you more and better machines, the good people at HOLZ-HER want to nurture new talent, teach new businesses using their gear, and benefit from a shiny showroom that demonstrates their machines at their best. To this end we’ve joined forces which means you will soon have five outstanding new machines in your armoury.

There are three new digital machines. We’re replacing the current Biesse machine with another flatbed CNC with a more intuitive system. It’s easier to learn and operate, so better suited to the types of work BloQs members do. We’ll also be introducing an edgebander, which we suspect will be Christmas come early for the cabinet makers and fitters amongst you. Then at actual Christmas time we’ll be taking things to the next level of creative and flexible possibility by adding an extraordinary 5-axis CNC router.

The analogue machinery gets a boost right away too, with a wall saw to make sheet cutting easier and reduce waiting time on the other panel saws. To top things off, a mighty 4-head planer will soon be making short work of otherwise lengthy dimensioning passes.

Let us introduce you to your new machines! Images to the right appear in the same order as the descriptions below.

HOLZ-HER DYNESTIC 7505 flatbed CNC router

As you will know, a flatbed CNC is used to cut sheet materials using a digital drawing. This machine is not only more intuitive to learn but is also able to accept a wider range of file types. Although our Biesse machine is amazing, it’s probably better suited to mass production as opposed to the batch production that happens at BloQs, so this new partnership has been the perfect opportunity to change things up. It’s also worth noting that the Dynestic can ‘carve’ undulating edges and surfaces. Altogether, we think you’ll agree this makes it a more accessible, versatile and happier panel processing experience. Arriving September.

HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7125, 5 axis CNC router

The 5-axis machine is a massive leap forwards for our creative community. The flat bed works on 3 dimensions (side-to-side, up & down, top-to-bottom) but if you’re not already familiar, the 5-axis machine can work on material from any angle at all. Basically, it’s cutting in 3D. Rather than using a bed, it has a pod and rail system with suction cups to hold your workpiece, allowing the tooling head to access the material from all sides. What this can’t make isn’t worth making. We’ve seen this machine make amazing 3-dimensional pieces out of a range of sheet and solid materials – it's truly impressive. Arriving January 2022.

HOLZ-HER SECTOR 1254 vertical panel saw

As you’ll know, a wall saw is for cutting sheet materials just like a lateral panel saw. It’s easy to use when handling large sheets but is versatile enough to make small cuts too. It’s quick, easy to load & unload, and is simpler to learn than a regular panel saw. Better still, this machine benefits from digital readouts which means that it will be easy to make exceptionally accurate cuts. Arriving September.

WEINIG Cube Plus automatic planer

Those in the know appreciate that a 4 head moulder planes wood on all 4 sides in one hit, which means that you will no longer have to make several passes for each piece over two different machines (the planer and thicknesser). So, this will be a real time-saver and make your workload tonnes lighter. Arriving September.

HOLZ-HER STREAMER 1057 XL edgebander

For the uninitiated, edge banding is a process for sealing the edge of a board with a thin veneer band of plastic composite or solid timber. If you make things like kitchens, cabinetry, or worktops you will now be able to edge your board automatically. No need to leave those edges bare or spend time ironing on band by hand! Arriving September.

Access & Training

For those of you already trained to use the Biesse, we’ll contact you with details about ‘transition’ training sessions.

For everyone else, we’ll roll out training and assessments and keep you posted once the new machines arrive.

In the meantime, you’ll want to get stuck in and have a good look. Visit the HOLZ-HER UK website or use the links below to check out specs and videos of these powerhouses in action:

  • HOLZ-HER DYNESTIC 7505 flat bed CNC router | Details  |  Video
  • HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7125, 5 axis CNC router | Details  |  Video
  • HOLZ-HER SECTOR 1254 vertical panel saw | Details  |  Video
  • WEINIG Cube Plus automatic planer | DetailsVideo
  • HOLZ-HER STREAMER 1057 XL edgebander |  Details  |  Video


We can’t wait to get these machines in – how about you?

Get in touch to let us know what you think!