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3D Printing is Here

We are so excited to announce a seventh discipline available at BloQs: 3D printing is here!

You'll love our two industrial, high-end 3D printers for all your manufacturing, prototyping, and sampling needs.

Our Markforged Mark Two FDM 3D printer uses the company’s proprietary filament, Onyx, with the option of adding reinforcing fibres in Kevlar, Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass or High Temperature Fibreglass (TBC), using Composite Filament Fabrication (CFF).

Our Formlabs Form 3 SLA 3D printer has a range of resins in stock for you to choose from, including: Draft, Grey Pro, Touch 1500, Tough 200 and Elastic 50A. Form Wash and Form Cure give your projects a professional and pristine finish.

Our customary pay as you go access allows you the low overheads you want, with the precision, repeatability and quality your 3D printing projects demand.

Click here for a closer look at what's on offer.