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We chose this HAAS machine for its ease of use and impressive large bed capacity. Its accessible Fanuc control system means its simple to learn on and makes for easy programming.

It comes with an impressive range of functionality and features. The 4 axis features make single operation milling possible. Because the machine has a wider range of movement there's less need to pause an operation cycle to reposition your workpiece and re-clamp it part way through. It comes with a face plate as you might expect but also comes with a chuck which makes holding easier. It's rigid tapping capability makes taps and threads much simpler to cut and its 6000 rpm spindle enables high speed machining.

You can Train with us to use this machine. Once you’ve passed the training course you can book the machine by the hour and operate it yourself.

Ready to book? Here's how to get started.

Price List
Training1 day - £250
Per Hour Supported - £35
Per Hour Unsupported - £25
10 Hour Day Unsupported - £250


Technical Spec 
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