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Welcome to BloQs (Virtual) Open House London 2020!

Building BloQs is delighted to be participating in the 2020 Open House London Festival - throwing open our virtual doors to online visitors from across this great city, to show off our amazing workshop and provide a closer look at some of the creative magic which happens here.

Visit our event page for links to videos highlighting all that's on offer at BloQs. You won't want to miss three special events taking place on Saturday 19 September - BloQs co-founder Al Parra hosts two two live 'Meet the Makers' Zoom sessions and also sits on the panel of the Meridian Water Masterplan tour Zoom event. 

We're proud to be part of Open House, proud to be part of the Meridian Water regeneration project and proud to be welcoming so many new faces to our virtual visits.

If you are inspired by what you see (and who wouldn't be?!) be sure to click through and register to become a BloQs Member. It's free to join and stay in the loop - and when you're ready to come in and create for yourself you'll love our pay as you go system - only paying for what you need, when you need it.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your look inside BloQs. Whatever you call yourself, you can call BloQs Home. Whatever you make, you can make it at BloQs.

Drop us a line with any questions: