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Fabric Studio

This superbly well equipped studio puts the competition in the shade. With its wide diversity of machines and facilities its the perfect place for toiling, pattern cutting, sampling, and making soft furnishings.

If you've had your Safety Induction, you're able to book and use a workspace right away. You can use the Fabric Workshop pay-as-you-go with no commitment or stay long term on a contract - the choice is yours.

Sewing Machines

All our fabric machinery is shared and its use is included in the booking price of a Fabric Bay. 

To use each machine, you will need to pass what we call an Assessment, its a mini ‘driving test’ to make sure you’re able to work safely on that particular machine.

Check out our superb range of sewing equipment below and then book your Assessment.

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Fabric Workspace

Once you have paid for a Safety Induction you can book your pattern cutting table in a fabric bay. You can book as many Bays as you need for the work you have.