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Metal Workshop

Our metal working equipment is top quality industrial machinery maintained to a high standard. Book your own working bay with a bench, power and access to all the shared machines for as long as you need from just £35 / day.

Frame builders and designers, artists and architectural steel fabricators call BloQs home, so its a great place to network with knowledgeable makers.

Metalworking Machines

Most of our metalworking machinery is shared and its use is included in the booking price of a metalwork bay. Our welders are bookable and not for shared use.

To use each machine, you will need to pass what we call an Assessment, its a mini ‘driving test’ to make sure you’re able to work safely on that particular machine.

Check out our superb range of metalworking equipment below and then book your Assessments.

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Metal Workspaces

Once you have paid for a Safety Induction you can book your metalwork bench in a metalwork bay. Our workspaces vary in size so you can get what’s right for you and you can book as many as you need.

All workspaces come with power and a metalworking bench. Our welding bays also come with fume extraction, screens and 3 phase power.

You can book in to BloQs either Pay-As-You-Go or longer term by getting a 6 or 12 months contract, whatever works best for you. Check out the workspaces below.